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Stretching paper using OSB Board and Staples

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This photo shows two pieces of A4 size watercolour paper that I have stapled onto a couple of my OSB boards. I find this method both quick and simple and only takes about 10 minutes including the soaking time in my plastic soaking tray, you can also soak the watercolour paper in the sink if it is large enough or even a bath tub. My only reservation about using a sink or bath tub is that it should be very clean before using otherwise soap or other washing product could get into the water and contaminate your paper surface.

Once it has had a 5 minute soak I carefully remove it and dab off the excess water with some paper towel before laying it flat on the OSB board.

I give it around a minute to "settle" and then staple along the short edge first. Once those 3 staples are in place I gently pull the paper from the opposite edge before applying 3 staples to that edge. Then I quickly staple the long edges and either wait for it to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.