Watercolour Paintings created in May 2018

After Geoff Kersey

Another of the new Geoff Kersey tutorials inspired me to complete this interpretation of the “Bosham Church” tutorial. It came together very well and I think that I am starting to really get into the process of these more complex and richer watercolour paintings thanks to the guidance from Geoff.




A painting completed in under 2 hours at an art group meeting!


This painting showing a sunset with sailing ship and foreground in silhouette was completed in just two hours at one of my art groups evening sessions. The theme for the session was “Sky” so it fulfilled that requirement quite spectacularly. The sun melting into the distant sea on the right came out well, as did the whole piece. This was fun to do especially in one evening!



The SAA (Society for All Artists), provided a fascinating online tutorial the other week presented by Graham Berry. I have been inspired by his work for some time so jumped at the chance to be able to “sit in” via the web on a 4 hour session. It was fantastic to watch how he went about creating one of his colourful “people on  a bench” paintings, so much so in fact that I just had to give it a go – I am so pleased with how this painting turned out.

After Graham Berry

I have never tried anything like this before where the main focal point is people and not the place they are occupying.
The setting is simple but the subject is complex because of the shadows both on clothing and around the people themselves making them actually sit on the bench and become part of the scene. I had a great time creating this painting over a two day period and I am so pleased and proud with how it turned out.



After Geoff Kersey

Yet another Geoff Kersey inspired painting, this time an American landscape from within the Yosemite National Park.

This through up many challenges with distant mountains, complex reflections and creating depth of field. Thoroughly enjoyed creating this painting and once again I am very proud of how it finished up even though at one point I was tearing my hair out trying to get the mountain on the right correct. In the end I had to sponge out the colour and do that mountain again – that’s watercolour for you!


For my final painting in May 2018 I would like to thank Shareen Downe from the Facebook group, Art and Photography in Support of Mental Wellbeing, for allowing me to use her superb photo of the “Moon Gate” in the gardens of West Green House, Hartley Wintney in Hampshire as my reference image for this painting.

Saunders Waterford 1/4 Imperial 140lb paper.


This watercolour was painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 1/4 Imperial sized paper and took two fun days to complete. I found it challenging as flowers are not really my thing but I used some artistic license and it came together great in the end. It is now framed and adorns the wall of my dining room!


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