I am running out of wall space!

I am really enjoying the tutorial projects that Geoff Kersey is producing. He has committed to 2 a month and so far all of them have been challenging in many different ways and included many different levels of complexity.

Grange in Barrowdale – After Geoff Kersey – Saunders Waterford 140lb paper

I found the “Grange in Barrowdale” very challenging, in fact I had to wash out my first attempt at the mountains and have another go at them. The second attempt turned out much better and produced a fairly balanced painting.





Having completed this one I felt a surge of creativity and decided to really challenge myself using a photo reference from a friend, Simon Smith, who belongs to our local camera group. His photo of Bosham, pronounced “Bozam” by the locals, really caught my eye.
I have to say that putting in the vehicles was a real challenge for me!

As you can see it is a very complex and busy subject with a pleasing balance of houses, water and boats.

This is now framed and hanging on my landing and I have to say looks really great behind glass.

Bosham, Chichester. Saunders Waterford
from a reference photo by Simon Smith, Yateley

Geoff Keresey’s next tutorial, “Mallorca¬† Street” was a chance to create some sunshine in what has proved to be a very wet and dismal start to the year here in Hampshire, UK.

Saunders Waterford 140lb block – after Geoff Kersey

This was a fun painting to do with all of the textures on the walls, the flowers, shadows and of course the all important Mediterranean light.

Again it turned out really nicely so I framed this one too and hung it on the last available space on my landing wall.





After Geoff Kersey – Saunders Waterford 140lb paper

This months tutorial is different again! Geoff managed to come up with a photo reference for a man fishing in the Grand Union Canal at Islington. It is hard to believe that about 20 yards away behind that bridge is Islington high street with all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and yet here is a scene of absolute tranquillity on a lovely summers day!
I am very pleased with the light in this one along with the reflections and the tranquil nature of the painting itself.

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