Golden Gate Bridge, California

When I first saw the photo that I used as a reference for this painting I was immediately taken by the composition, colours and depth of the image. Luckily for me it taken by a friend of mine, Clair Green, no relation, who allowed me to use the photo as a reference for my painting.

Painted on Hahnemuhle 200lb Watercolour paper

I wasn’t sure initially if I should include the detailed foreground but to me it was part of the appeal from the original image so I decided to put it in too and I am now pleased that I did.


Olympic Valley California

A friend of mine, Roger Holdsworth allowed me to use one of his photo’s of Olympic Valley, California as a reference image for this painting. I loved the atmosphere in the photo with the mist in deep valley between the pine forest and the mountains and wanted to try to create a similar atmosphere in a watercolour painting.

Painted on Hahnemuhle 200lb Watercolour paper

The painting came together quite well providing a feeling of distance and depth and the swirling mist in the mid-ground. I used a more panoramic letter-box size to add to the impact of the painting.


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