BSA Restoration Commission Painting

My daughter sent me this small photograph that she had taken of the restoration work her partner and his son had completed on a BSA motorcycle asking if I could create a watercolour painting to capture the finished work.

The image is low quality and quite small but it contained enough detail to allow me to create a reasonably good watercolour reproduction from it. Getting enough of the fine detail in was challenging but on the whole the painting was good fun to produce and I managed to complete it in a day.


This is my completed painting ready for framing and presenting to my step grandson at the earliest opportunity – hope he likes and treasures it!


Basingstoke Canal

Terry Harrison’s latest watercolour painting project used the Basingstoke Canal as it’s theme which appealed to me as I live only a short distance from the canal and it runs around the edge of my golf course near Aldershot in Hampshire.
Apparently the canal is also known locally as the “Green Canal” because of its predominant colour green! Due to development work at Basingstoke over the years they have blocked off that end of the canal and it no longer reaches Basingstoke itself but comes to an end in Old Basing.

Arches 140lb 9″ x 12″ cold press paper.

I love the quiet and peaceful atmosphere that surrounds the canal as it winds its way through trees and typical English countryside and I have tried to capture the feel of that with the sun creating dappled shadows as it shafts its way through the branches and creates dark shaded areas across the tow path by the side of the canal. I hope you enjoy this tranquil scene and it makes you reflect on the green and pleasant land that is rural England.
It is painted on 9″ x 12″ Arches 140lb cold press watercolour paper with White Nights professional watercolour paints.

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