A study in negative painting technique

This is a a painting of autumn leaves but more than that it is a study in the negative painting techniques, painting the spaces between and behind the leaves.

A study in negative painting

I found this both challenging and difficult but the end result was well worth the effort bringing out the beautiful colours of autumn.

Welcome to my brand new art website!

Okay a new year a new online studio website for my art!

At last managed to get WordPress hosted on my web server and this has enabled me to build a new WordPress website that combines my online studio with a Blog to make posting new paintings, sketches and Blog entries much simpler.

Had a lot of fun designing and building my new site so I hope you like it?

Clovelley Quay, Devon

To start this year I created this painting of Clovelly Quay, Devon as a belated Christmas present for my in-laws.

It was painted on A4 Bockingford 140lb watercolour paper using the Russian White Night artists watercolour paints.

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