Another Geoff Kersey Watercolour Landscape Project

Just completed another Watercolour painting after Geoff Kersey.

This one is a view looking back from Boggle Hole towards Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire coast. The reference photo for this painting is a very good composition that takes in a lot of foreground and middle distance reducing the size of the skyline in the far distance.

Painted on Arches 300lb NOT surface block watercolour paper

The challenges with this painting were getting the aerial perspective right and keeping the tonal values balanced with the other colours in the painting from the sky and the sea. It was interesting have the foreground rocks as the point of interest.

I have received excellent feedback on various social media groups and received my highest numbers “likes” for this painting so I hope that you all like it as much as I and all of my friends seem to do!

This is painted on Arches 300lb block paper using White Night professional watercolours. This is my first painting using this particular weight of paper and I have to say that it is wonderful to work with, takes plenty of water without reacting, allows lifting out very nicely and also takes a lot punishment along the way without showing any signs of a problem.

Watercolour painting with Geoff Kersey, a new experience

At the beginning of December 2017 Geoff Kersey started a new online tutorial website called “Watercolour Landscapes” and it turned out to be just the inspiration I was looking for especially after the unexpected passing of Terry Harrison in June of 2017. I had joined Terry’s online tutorial group and was learning a lot from him so his death came as quite a shock to me. Geoff Kersey has now filled that void for me and with his great teaching style and different techniques I feel I am improving as a watercolour artist, he is also a very accomplished professional artist and one to aspire to.

I have now completed 3 of his projects and I can see how I have improved as a watercolour artist as a result of incorporating his methods and techniques into my own style of painting.

Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 140lbs after Geoff Kersey

This is the first one that I painted at the beginning of December 2017.

It portrays a winter scene in Padley Gorge in Derbyshire near to where Geoff lives. I didn’t get it quite right with my first attempt and Geoff gave me some very constructive feedback. I have now incorporated the modifications that he pointed out and it has turned out to be a nice looking painting that captures the atmosphere of a winters day.

The painting has good light and depth which previously I had found hard to portray with watercolour.


Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 140lbs after Geoff Kersey

The second tutorial that I attempted turned out to be a really nice painting of Upper Lumsdale Pond in Derbyshire, again quite close to where Geoff lives.

I finished this painting on New Years Eve, what a great way to end the year!

I made a couple of minor errors on the original painting that Geoff pointed out to me and I have modified the original to incorporate his observations to produce what I think is one of my best paintings to date!



Painted on Saunders Waterford Rough 140lbs after Geoff Kersey

Just the other day I managed to find time to paint the third of his tutorials which again turned out to be better than I had hoped!

I modified the original scene that Geoff used for his painting that was set in early Autumn so that mine is set in late Summer with slightly more foliage on the trees and incorporates a little more of the summery colours.



Golden Gate Bridge, California

When I first saw the photo that I used as a reference for this painting I was immediately taken by the composition, colours and depth of the image. Luckily for me it taken by a friend of mine, Clair Green, no relation, who allowed me to use the photo as a reference for my painting.

Painted on Hahnemuhle 200lb Watercolour paper

I wasn’t sure initially if I should include the detailed foreground but to me it was part of the appeal from the original image so I decided to put it in too and I am now pleased that I did.


Olympic Valley California

A friend of mine, Roger Holdsworth allowed me to use one of his photo’s of Olympic Valley, California as a reference image for this painting. I loved the atmosphere in the photo with the mist in deep valley between the pine forest and the mountains and wanted to try to create a similar atmosphere in a watercolour painting.

Painted on Hahnemuhle 200lb Watercolour paper

The painting came together quite well providing a feeling of distance and depth and the swirling mist in the mid-ground. I used a more panoramic letter-box size to add to the impact of the painting.


End of Summer

Painted on Matthew Palmer’s Fontaine 140lb watercolour block.

I wanted to capture the late summer feeling with the light and abundant wild flowers that you see at this time of year.

All in all it worked out quite well and I added the dog walker in the centre to give a point of interest that the users eye is taken to by the path leading to the gate.

I was in two minds about having the gate open but in the countryside it is more normal to have them closed and I think that eye naturally drifts to the distant background anyway.

Wild Summer Pathway

Just put the finishing touches to my latest creation that I hope you will like as much as I do! I call this one “Wild Summer Pathway”. It is painted with White Night professional artists watercolours on a new paper for me which is Matthew Palmer’s Fontaine 140lb watercolour block. This is nice paper to work on and has a canvas look and feel about it. It allows lifting of colour, masking and handles multiple washes very well too.

Painted on Matthew Palmer’s Fontaine 140lb watercolour block.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Just finished this painting of Charles Bridge on the river Vitava in Prague from a stunning reference photo supplied by my friend David Williams from Sandhurst.

Charles Bridge on the river Vitava, Prague.
Painted on 1/8th imperial Fabriano Artistico 140lb NOT watercolour paper using White Night Artist Professional watercolour paints.

Photo supplied by Dave Williams, Sandhurst photographer










Not sure that I have done his photo justice but I did find it a complicated and detailed painting to do. However once again the finished painting came together very well.

Giraffe for my eldest daughter

I thought that as my eldest daughter loves Giraffes I would attempt to paint one. If she likes it I will frame it for her!

Painted on Saunders Hot Press 140lb watercolour paper.

This was painted on Saunders Hot Press 140lb watercolour paper. I am not too fond of Hot Press paper as the paint tends to move around on top of the surface rather than soak into the paper but I am happy with how it came out okay in the end as is so often the case!

I found this an interesting subject to paint and really enjoyed painting it. I thought it best to keep the background light to keep the focus on the Giraffe itself and I seem to have accomplished that okay.

I am also pleased to add that my daughter loves it so now all I have to do is find the right frame and mount it!

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