I found a similar image to the one that I have painted and it inspired me to try and create something that had an atmospheric feel with mist rising from the water and a hazy middle ground. I had two attempts at this starting both of them at the same time and using slightly different approaches and techniques to each to see which would come out the best in the end. I also wanted to keep the painting loose and free as much as possible to add to the atmospheric feel too.

Atmospheric sunrise on Fabriano Artistico 140lb cold pressed watercolour paper.

Like all watercolour paintings at about the halfway mark both of the them looked pretty awful and I had my doubts if I could get either of them to look how I imagined they should! I was relieved by the time that I got the 3/4 of the way through point that this one really started to come together.



I used the different size for both paintings as I felt it added to the finished result to have them elongated producing a kind of panoramic feel. The chosen finished painting is shown here and I am really pleased with the result and it looks even better mounted and framed in a 12″ x 16″ frame which leaves lots of white mount board around the outside of the painting.

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