This is my interpretation of a project created by English artist Terry Harrison entitled “Bass Maine Lighthouse”.

Painted on 1/8th imperial Fabriano Artistico 140lb paper.

I basically wanted to try out this paper as I have heard good reports about it’s quality. I was very pleased with how it handled a lot of water and also the the way it took the watercolour paint. I had no cockling problems with this paper at all after the initial stretching before I started. Lifting out colour worked well, in fact I was very impressed with every aspect of this 100% cotton paper.

It worked in a similar way to Arches which is a paper that I love to paint on but it is expensive, however, Fabriano Artistico is less expensive and I managed to get a really good deal from the SAA (Society for All Artists) through my membership with their site.

I am pleased with how this painting turned out especially as I completed it in around 3 hours from start to finish including drying times at various stages!

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