Today I finished off my first time lapse video of a watercolour painting from beginning to end. I have wanted to try and do this for some time now but never seemed to get around to actually doing it!

Painted on A4 Bockingford 140lb cold press paper as part of a watercolour painting demonstration video.

I used an iPhone as it has time lapse video built into its camera functions which made the process a little more straightforward. I still found that I was very self conscious of the camera though at first and this made me work a little quicker than I normally would.

I made the video in 5 stages, initial sketch and transfer to watercolour paper, stretching the paper, the first washes to establish sky and water, adding the other features and then finally adding in the dark areas and tweaking the finer details.



You can view the final video on my YouTube channel here:

it only runs for just under 5 minutes which is what I like about a time lapse video.



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