Tony Green – Watercolour Artist

About his passion for the medium

I have been an amateur artist since the early 80’s. I always loved to sketch and draw and for a long time graphite was my medium of choice. However once I dabbled with colour starting off with colour pencils, pastel pencils and then watercolour pencils a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me.

I love watercolour as a medium either on it’s own or when combined with a pen sketch in water-proof ink. It’s the transparency of the paint that makes it both a difficult medium to work with and, at the same time, a delight to use, once you master the basic techniques. Artists quality watercolour paints either in pans or tubes are a delight to work with and well worth the added expense for the intensity of pigment, light fastness and superior transparency.

I still love to sketch and draw either in an indoor environment like a cafe or shopping complex or outdoors. I can capture ideas that can be used later in the studio.

I am hoping to get outside more in the better weather so that I can paint with watercolour in the fresh air. Working outside offers it’s own unique set of challenges on top of those already presented by working with watercolour as a medium. Bright sunny days where the light changes all the time you are working and your paint dries much more quickly. Windy days where things constantly blow off your easel. It is these outdoor challenges that keep artists like me coming back for more!